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Wholesale: FAQ


Our sale to you of any products from Quikflip Apparel is expressly and strictly conditional on your agreement to the below terms and conditions. Unless otherwise agreed in writing by Quikflip Apparel Apparel, these terms and conditions supersede any other terms and conditions and will govern all our sales to you of Quikflip Apparel products. Your acceptance of any Quikflip Apparel products from us acknowledges your agreement to these terms and conditions.

Quikflip Apparel reserves the right to change any policy or term without prior notice.

Wholesale Terms and Conditions

Unless you first decorate or embellish the Quikflip Apparel products or unless Quikflip Apparel authorizes you in writing, you may not re-sell any Quikflip Apparel products to any person or entity, including but not limited to consumers, wholesalers, retail stores, warehouse clubs, off-price retailers, internet or other retailers, whether such sales occur directly, indirectly, through the internet, or through any other means or devices of sale.

The phrase "decorate or embellish" shall mean "substantially modify by printing, embellishing, or decorating in such a manner as to clearly distinguish from Quikflip Apparel's product line." Quikflip Apparel shall have sole discretion to determine whether its products have been sufficiently modified in such a manner as to clearly distinguish them from Quikflip Apparel's product line.

Because actual temperatures, drying times, inks, or other elements of the printing process might vary based on equipment, location or any other number of factors Quikflip Apparel strongly recommends a test sample run, especially if you have a large order or if your printer does not specialize in printing on blended fabrics. If apparel fails to decorate or embellish during production, it is up to you to stop production and make any necessary adjustments. Quikflip Apparel assumes no liability for any issues that arise during decoration or embellishment. Quikflip Apparel will not give credit or reimburse for any altered apparel (e.g., printing, dying, washing, embroidering).

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You can contact a Wholesale Customer Support Representative by

Phone: (424) 262-4194, Monday – Friday, 9:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. Pacific Time, or

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