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Customer Support: Consumer Product Safety

Quikflip Apparel is committed to providing safe, ethically sourced and socially compliant wearables that meet all federal and state requirements.

A key provision of the CPSIA requires all manufacturers and importers to certify that the consumer products they manufacture or import meet any applicable safety standards and rules. The garments produced by or for Quikflip Apparel are compliant with all applicable CPSIA and CPSC rules, bans, standards and regulations. Quikflip Apparel has a reasonable testing program in place to ensure compliance.

Quikflip Apparel has all required “General Conformity Certificates” (GCCs) and “Children’s Product Certificates” (CPCs) available. All certificates are for the blank products that we sell and are exclusive of any decoration that may be added by a third party.

Should specific product test results be needed, please contact compliance@quikflipapparel.com with the style, color and PO (if applicable) that you need test results for.