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QuikPitch Terms and Conditions


Submitter: A “Submitter” is a real person who submits a QuikPitch video. To participate as a Submitter, visit and submit a video using the QuikPitch Submission Form.  There is no limit to the number of videos that you may submit. For every “Qualified Submission” (defined below), a Submitter may be eligible to receive “QuikPitch Reward(s)” (also defined below), and will be entered to win the Grand Prize.

Qualified Submission: A “Qualified Submission” occurs when a video meeting the following requirements outlined in the QuikPitch Certification Course video and the QuikPitch Official Guidelines handbook is submitted through the QuikPitch Submission Form.

Audience Member: Any real person who is being pitched or in the immediate vacinity of the pitch and is as a result included in frame of the video being submitted.

Absolute Stranger: A real person who has never previously met the person pitching Quikflip in the video submission.

QuikPitch Reward: One (1) eligible hoodie from Quikflip Apparel’s online store.

Grand Prize: $5,000 (USD) that will be awarded to the Submitter who submits the best QuikPitch video as determined by Quikflip Apparel at its sole discretion.


How to Earn a QuikPitch Reward: To qualify for a free Quikflip, you must (i) submit a video that meets the criteria outlined in the in the Official QuikPitch Campaign Guidelines (ii) share the video to social media and tag @QuikflipApparel or link to (iii) certify that you are the sole owner and rights holder for the video being submitted (iv) grant Hero Hoodie, LLC, (DBA Quikflip Apparel) the right to use all, or any portion, of the video submitted for marketing/advertising purposes, without limitation, in the form of an irrevocable royalty-free perpetual license (v) grant Quikflip Apparel the right to edit the video footage, without limitation, and waive the right to review the footage prior to publication or use of any kind (vi) acknowledge that your video submission reflects an authentic first-time interaction with an absolute stranger (vii) certify that your video has never previously been submitted as part of the QuikPitch Campaign (viii) agree to defend, indemnify and hold harmless Quikflip Apparel from and against all claims, demands and liabilities arising from your participation in the QuikPitch Campaign including, but not limited to, any liabilities arising from my participation in the QuikPitch video production process.

How to Win the Grand Prize: At the end of the promotion, Quikflip Apparel will analyze all the videos that were submitted and accepted to determine the best QuikPitches. Once the top selections are identified, social media fan voting will be used to determine the best video and the Submitter of that video will win the $5,000 (USD) grand prize.

QuikPitch Reward Exclusions: Each QuikPitch Reward is non-transferable, not valid for cash or cash equivalent, and cannot be combined with other offers. Submitters are responsible for any and all tax liability resulting from any QuikPitch Reward, and responsible for any shipping and handling charges. QuikPitch Rewards may be redeemed on only, cannot be redeemed in stores, and may not be applied to any prior purchases, taxes, shipping and delivery charges, or toward the purchase of gift cards.


Quikflip Apparel reserves the right to review, investigate, and disqualify any video submission that violates the Official QuikPitch Campaign Guidelines or that does not meet the requirements defined within. This includes, but is not limited to: attempting to submit the same video more than once, submitting an interaction that was inauthentic or where any audience member is “acting,” or submitting a video without an image release from each prevalent audience member in the video submitted.

Failure to follow the rules outlined in these Terms and Conditions and the Official QuikPitch Campaign Guidelines may result in a Submitter being restricted from participating in the QuikPitch Campaign at any point in the future.

Quikflip Apparel reserves the right to reject any video submission for any reason.


Eligibility is limited to individuals only. Quikflip Apparel's QuikPitch Campaign cannot be used by businesses for affiliate lead generation, or for any other purpose without Quikflip Apparel’s written consent.

Quikflip Apparel employees are eligible to earn QuikPitch Rewards; however, they are ineligible for the Grand Prize.


By submitting a video, the Submitter acknowledges that some of their personal information may be used in promoting the QuikPitch Campaign. This includes in announcing campaign participants, Grand Prize winners, on social media, and/or in paid advertising. Any personal information collected, processed, and used as part of Quikflip Apparel's Referral Program, including that of the Submitter and audience members, will be used in accordance with Quikflip Apparel's Privacy Policy.


Quikflip Apparel is not responsible for errors, omissions, malfunctions, interruptions, deletions, delays or failures of operations. Quikflip Apparel reserves the right to request proper payment if the Submitter attempts to use the QuikPitch Campaign in a questionable manner or breaches any of these Terms & Conditions or is in violation of any law, statute or governmental regulation. All of Quikflip Apparel’s decisions are final and binding, including decisions as to whether a video qualifies the Submitter for a QuikPitch Reward.


Quikflip Apparel reserves the right to modify these Terms and Conditions or terminate the QuikPitch Campaign at any time, its sole discretion.


Quikflip Apparel welcomes your questions or comments regarding these Terms and Conditions; please contact Quikflip Apparel at:

By Mail

Quikflip Apparel
2440 W. Carson St.
Torrance, CA 90501

By Email

By Phone

(424) 738-1306

Effective as of November 16, 2022