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Run, bike, hike, parkour, you'll never regret bringing your Quikflip! Whether you are expecting rain, need some protection from the wind, or are just looking for some extra warmth, Quikflip has something for you.

And with Quikflip apparel, when you no longer need it, just give it a flip and you have a functional backpack.


Whether you're exploring a new piece of the world on a solo adventure, taking the family for a much needed vacation, or even traveling for business, Quikflip is for you!

Quikflips make the perfect beach bag, just throw some suntan lotion, your walet, room key, and a frisbee and you have everything you need for a perfect day at the beach. And when the sun goes down, you even have an ultra-comfortable hoodie to keep you warm as you stroll back to your room!

Expert Traveler Tip: Sneak an extra carry-on bag onto the plane with your Quikflip… just don’t tell the TSA 🤫


From theme parks & sporting events to music festivals & fairs, stop bringing that “just in-case” backpack just to carry your hoodie or jacket. Your Quikflip backpack is large enough to carry any prizes that you win, so that your hands are free while you enjoy that delicious turkey leg!

When you're outdoors all day long, Quikflip is your best bet.


No one likes having to deal with checking their coat when they head out for an evening out, and you certainly don’t want to leave it unattended to walk away while you are burning up the dance floor.

With Quikflip, you can skip the line and dance the night away, while still having your jacket for when the clubs shut down and you have to venture back out into the nighttime cold.


Never again will you have to wake up and ask yourself, "Is it a hoodie day or is it a t-shirt day?" Because everyday is a Quikflip day!

The Quikflip Guarantee

If your Quikflip Apparel garment doesn't instantly become your favorite with regards to fabric, fit and function, send it back within 30 days and we'll issue a full refund, or swap it out for another one, no questions asked.


See what others are saying:

"Great product & support, Had questions on sizing. Even though returns are supposedly easy, no one wants to deal with that if they don’t need to. Had fit questions (I like a large tall often), and was told to go xl based on my height and weight. The xl fit me perfect at 6’ 3 1/2” and 225lbs. So great job there. And the jacket itself looks great and feels very comfortable. Great style. Love the tactical green with black. I was carrying my jacket in a store and decided it was time to get my own, after getting one for my wife a nephews. I’ll be back for more in the future! Love it."
- Jeremy L

"Best decision I've made was to purchase this hoodie! This hoodie is everything I always wanted! Everything should be as functional as this piece. Definitely gonna purchase more! Quality is superb, I'm a 5'6" active woman and usually buy larges, based on their recommendation I sized down to a medium and it's perfect! I love the small internal pocket for keys or phone when worn as a back pack."
- Melissa M.

"Needed a replacement hero hoodie!, Love your products, unfortunately I was in a car accident in March, fit by a drunk driver. The paramedics had to cut my hero hoodie off…sad, it is was my favorite. But I just got a new one, early Father’s Day gift! Love my new favorite hoodie! Not sure what to do with the old one."
- Elijah G.

"Comfortable/Great for overnight trip! This hoodie is comfortable and well made. I also used the backpack for an overnight trip I recently took. I highly recommend this hoodie for comfort and functionality!!!"
- Walter L.

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